Contemporary workplace design, hand-in-hand with architect Plečnik’s heritage

Petrol Vizija prenove poslovnih prostorov


O Projektu

Petrol, največje slovensko energetsko podjetje, je organiziralo natečaj za prenovo poslovnih prostorov v Ljubljani.
Ekipa Kragelj arhitektov je bila povabljena k oddaji svojih strateških in oblikovalskih rešitev.

Project goals

The objective was to renovate and redesign the interior of the building. It should retain Plečnik’s style and also promote social interaction and positive well-being. The first challenge was that several of the rooms were protected by the cultural heritage protection act, including the entrance hall, the reception, and the main staircase. The next challenge was the building itself. The multi-level floor plan and L-shaped layout can be confusing. This is the opposite of what the new design of the office building should portray.

what we did

Here’s what we did. We put all the conference rooms on the first floor so that everyone had quick access to the rooms that were used the most. We didn’t alter the reception, but instead used it to showcase the art and awards of the company. Since many people pass through this space, it was the perfect way to elevate the image of the company. In order to promote more social interaction, we revitalized corner spaces and junctions that were previously unused and remade them into private rooms for employees to relax and mingle with each other.
Overall, we retained the magnificence and significance of the building, and highlighted the elegance and visual appeal with smart colour schemes and detailing. Plečnik’s style can still be seen and recognized throughout the building as well as it having a modern, contemporary feel that creates more opportunities for people to interact and connect. We maximized flow, modernized the workspace, all the while retaining that important cultural link to the original design.

what we achieved

Kragelj performed well and passed through the first round with two other finalists. In the final round our design gave us a second place finish. It was a positive result that challenged us and garnered attention for our efforts. Congratulations to the competition winners Arrea Arhitektura and all the best on the project.

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